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Jasmina and Dragomir ride camels

I have extensive experience in software development. I have worked for a number of R&D companies and universities in the U.S. and Serbia (former Yugoslavia). I have developed various types of software ranging from low level assembly language software to high level applications on the Internet as well as software for mobile phones.

Currently, I am having fun by developing a system for IT support of protocols for food safety and plant protection using smart phones and big data techniques in a cloud computing environment. Everybody is working on social networks for brainwashing of human race but I am trying to be useful since we need to eat before we tweet. In addition, I am playing with mathematical analysis of how plant pests spread and development of optimal defense strategies. This includes spread of pine wilt disease that threatens to devastate European forestry.

My earlier work includes development of the first Serbian Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) for processing e-commerce transactions made with the national DinaCard card. The gateway was certified by the National Bank of Serbia (NBS). I also made contributions to the formal specifications of operating rules for e-commerce transaction processing made by the NBS. Prior to that, I have developed the first Yugoslav system for real-time processing of Internet payments (E-Bank) and the first e-commerce application in Yugoslavia (Mobtel). While the world waisted time on now virtually abandoned SET protocol for e-commerce transactions, I hhad a version of the protocol that was similar to what is now known as 3-domain secure protocol. I have also developed software per Visa 3D Secure specifications (IPG, MPI, ACS).

I have also published more than 30 theoretical and technical papers at professional conferences as well as in professional journals and edited books. These papers cover areas like routing in computer networks, communication protocols, operational research, queueing theory, software development, and cellular networks. I am also holding a US patent on multi-dimensional resource scheduling that was the result of the satellite transmission scheduler I developed for Orion 1 satellite.

I could not imagine myself working for a boss anymore. The good thing of being my own boss is that I can tell my boss to take this job and shove it. The bad thing is that I cannot fire off-the-wall out-of-control wild characters like myself.

Because everybody deserves a chance, I am also doing some philanthropic work related to people with disabilities. I believe that constitutional and legal protection of people with disabilities embedded in laws worldwide like "Americans With Disabilities Act" is nothing but a hoax. I am serving as the Vice President of board of Foundation of National Paralympic Committee of Serbia whose goal is to insure sustained funding of Serbian athletes with disabilities. Also, I had pleasure to serve as an advisor of web developers during the redesign of web site of KBC Bezanijska Kosa Medical Center which is one of the first Serbian web sites adjusted for the blind, as well as redesign of International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) web site. I do hope that one day people with dissabilities will not need hard heads to go through concrete walls made by the cruel human society.

In order to survive everyday's stress, I love to steam-off while doing tough work-out in the gym.

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Patent Method and System for Multi-Dimensional Resource Scheduling, my U.S. Patent 5,978,363
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Paralympic Foundation I am a Vice President of Foundation of National Paralympic Committee of Serbia
KBC Bezanijska Kosa Medical Center I served as a consultant during redesign of web site of KBC Bezanijska Kosa Medical Center which is one of the first Serbian web sites adjusted for the blind people
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